LAZF+All Scene Eye together forever!

Addendum: by “forever”, we mean “for the night of Tuesday, April 23”.

All Scene Eye is a collective of arts and music organizations that seek to better the creative and event promotion communities through sharing resources and good vibes on a massive level.

LA Zine Fest is hauling our zine library over to The Satellite for this awesome night! We’re also going to have a little something we like to call Make&Take set up for you to remember us by…

Prepare yourself for:

+Readings by Liska Jacobs, Vivian Martinez, Rose Quezada and Taleen Kalenderian from DUM DUM ZINE Issue 3: PUNKS & Scholars 
+Tarot readings by Meagan Boyd
+Summer Fun Time Society Photo Booth
+Crafting Tables by Explorsion’s DAIANA FEUER
+Dancers from Spazmaster’s Domain

If that weren’t enough, there will also be live painting, spoken word, body painting, vendors, artists–heck, we heard a rumor that there would be tamales, too.  The only thing they don’t have is a cover charge before 10 pm. That’s right: RSVP at the event page as “going”, and you get in free before 10 pm. Come say hello to us, get your tarot read, jam out and enjoy the show!

Set Times:
9 pm: Washing Machines
10pm: Luna Is Honey
11pm: Seasons


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