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JOHN DENVER IS MY GAY LOVER is a compilation zine loosely about class, country music, gender, tender masculinities, & whatever the fuck else you want. send yr writing/art/poems/inquiries/love letters to by may 31, 2013, approximately.

submission may, but need not, actually be about john denver. tell me about secretly listening to top 40 country radio in your car every day, tell me about moving away from home, tell me about going to dolly world, tell me about not having dental insurance, tell me about driving across kentucky in the middle of the night & looking at the moon, tell me about whatever you want.

so what’s the deal with the john denver thing? 

i’ve been in love with john denver since the first grade. going back through a bunch of old papers from my childhood, i found a note that had PRIVAT [sic] written on the outside & was stapled shut. inside, i had printed all of the lyrics to “rocky mountain high.” i’m not sure what first attracted me to my beloved jd, but i’m perennially besotted with his tender masculinity, twang, and hopefulness. more than anything, i find jd, & country music in general, deeply comforting & i want to dig in and explore that—how does country music jive with queerness? what does it mean to love road trips and rural places? to be working class and queer? to navigate homes both old & new through all of these things?

i realize i might be the only one with such a goofy, witchy connection to john denver, but i know i’m assuredly not the only one who thinks about the intersections of class, country music, gender, home(s), etc. i want to think about & feel through these things together, & thus a compilation zine was born! (that and i’m really just trying to spread the good gospel of john denver to the un-converted)

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