UCLA’s new zine collection wants YOUR zines!

The future home of your zines: The Powell Library at UCLA

Stellar librarian Julia Glassman‘s proposal to start a zine collection was approved, and she is on the hunt for zines!

“The UCLA Library Community Zine Collection, housed in the Powell Library Building, aims to promote student writing, pleasure reading, and self-publication, with a special focus on zines by UCLA students and other local writers. We want to instill a sense in students that their words and stories add value to the media landscape. We also want to provide a resource for faculty who are using zines in instruction, and students who are interested in researching zines.”

The collection will have two parts:
1. a circulating collection of library-owned zines that you can check out
2. a “Take a Zine, Leave a Zine” box

They are seeking text-based zines for the circulating collection (with the exception of wordless comics and other visual narratives), but zines of all kinds are desired for the “Take a Zine, Leave a Zine” box.

You can recommend your zines for purchase by emailing Julia at jglassman@library.ucla.edu with titles and ordering information. And although they do want to support zinesters, they would LOVE some donations.

If you are a current UCLA student and you would like to be involved in this project, the collection will also be forming a committee of students, faculty, and library staff to help build the collection.  Email Julia to get involved!


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