Get to Know Your Zinester: No Kings

zines copyDescribe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
Our zines are a cacophony of our interests and design experiments. Semi-abstract and/or conceptual look books, with nice finishing touches. Our zines this year will range from drawings and collages, to food, to fanzines about Scully…

Where do you work on your zines?
We’ve set up a studio workspace in Lee’s apartment in Echo Park (Boy Manor) that acts as a make-shift zine factory with a risograph printer, paper-cutter, and sewing machine.

What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Lee Noble: “Battle Burger” by Jon Vermilyea is really doing it for me right now.
Amy Fortunato: I’m a fan of Brendan Monroe’s “Islands”, and recently picked up a zine from 5x7books ( based out of Chicago. I also way into Public Collectors, by Marc Fischer. Oops…now we’ve listed four!

What advice would you give to a first-time zinester or to an aspiring zinemaker?
LN: Waste no time, make something immediately, avoid white computer paper.
AF: Just start making something. There are so many different ways of working — find one that you’re most comfortable with. You can have a very simple idea, and execute it well. The great thing about zines is that they can complex and thoughtful, independently free-form

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines?
LN: We booked our first gallery show because of a zine we made!
AF: Friends! Zines have been a great way of sharing a love of creative process, and meeting people who have similar interests. Also, I was super pumped to be able to contribute to LAZF this year by designing materials to promote it!

Amy Fortunato is the amazing artist responsible for our 2013 design! You can see her and Lee’s work at table #11, or check out the No Kings website here.


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