Get to Know Your Workshop: Speed Zine Pal-ing with Zineworks Collective

Speed Zine Pal-ing with Zineworks Collective
Sunday, February 17th
3:45 PM – 5:15 PM
@ The Moth Theatre

Meet your future zine pen pals! This workshop will allow you to meet multiple prospective zine pals in speed dating fashion. Although this event is intended more for making friends, who says these friends may not get some benefits someday (provided your potential zine pal is of consenting age and ability, of course)? Share your awesome personality and your wondrous zines with beautiful new people in one convenient, buddy-centric event!

The best thing is that each time the bell dings, you will have a new zine pal prospect awaiting you. This workshop is intended to promote and foster zine community and
possible zine collaborations. Participants will also receive a FREE zine produced by Zineworks: “Guide to Being a Safe & Sane Zine Pal.”

Be sure to check out Zineworks at table #56!


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