Media roundup!

it's a media roundup

Your dear friends at LAZF have been yelling from the mountaintops about Feb. 17, but we’ve also been trying a more concentrated approach to promotion.  Like, for example, doing a guest spot hosting a Razorcake podacast,  in which organizers Rhea, Simon and Meredith play The Mormons and The Cpoy Scams and talk about connections between zines and the bands you know and love.   Not to be left out, Bianca appeared on Brodie Foster Hubbard’s Shakeytown Radio podcast to talk about the early days of LAZF  and to share embarrassing toilet stories.

Our exhibitors Adam Villacin and Keenan Marshall Keller (Drippy Bone Books) have also appeared on Shakeytown.  Brodie is pretty good at picking out really interesting people to have on his show.  For example, DID YOU KNOW Adam Villacin was not only a member of the amazing, spandex-wearing band Totally Radd!!, but he was also the male lead in “Teenius”?  Keenan is just your average guy with a finger in every pie of interest to people who like underground comics, animation, or art.

Just because we like her, we’ll tell you about Long Beach’s own Deirdree Prudence and her main guy Steven Purkey talking on the Literary Underground.  This woman owns her own copy machine. She’s a zine beast.  Listen to her; follow her ways.

KXLU 88.9FM have welcomed our zine thing chatter to their airwaves many times, and will again this Wednesday at 3PM on Cristina’s show and next Monday the 11th on A Fistful of Vinyl at 9AM!

Did we miss anyone? Who else has been chatting about the Zine Fest? WHAT HAVE THEY TOLD YOU??!!

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