Get to Know Your Zinester: Super Secret Pow Wow

Describe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
Zine style: throw away drawings, cats, dogs, creepy quotes.

At my table:
•NOW YOU DIE!! issue 1 with comics by myself and Zach Worton (mine is an adaptation of a Goosebumps story) published by Primitive Urges

•Little Deaths Pt 1 & 2, a comic by myself and written with Bianca Barragan (about 3 girls who live off the grid in the jungle with some telepathy & telekinesis abilities) self published

•Mini monster print sets, screen printed shirts and posters, postcards etc

• Me, eating Cheetos

Where do you work on your zines?
In my messy living room studio. 

What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Deth P. Sun makes beautiful self published zines (

Derek M Ballard’s Cartoon Show published by the always awesome Drippy Bone Books

Zack Worton is an amazing cartoonist and has done an amazing job producing NOW YOU DIE #1 as Primitive Urges. NOW YOU DIE #2 will be out in May!

What advice would you give to a first-time zinester or to an aspiring zinemaker?
Don’t forget: There are no rules!!!11

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines?
Zinefest… Meeting really great people at Zinefest

Check out more from Britt Sanders at

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