Get to Know Your Zinester: Jon Vermilyea & Jen Tong

Describe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
We will have silk screen and risograph zines at our table. On top of zines we’ll be selling prints, t-shirts and comics.

Where do you work on your zines?
Jon: Mostly at home but sometimes at a silkscreen studio or coffee shop.
Jen: I work at a shared studio space with 5 other artists/cartoonists/illustrators. I do my printing at a silkscreen studio in the city.

What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Jon: Paper Rodeo and the Monster anthology by the Fort Thunder artists.
Jen: There are too many. The last 3 I looked at in order are Yuichi Yokoyama’s Travel, Gabrielle Bell’s The Voyeurs, and Brecht Even’s The Wrong Place.

What advice would you give to a first-time zinester or to an aspiring zinemaker?
Just make stuff for yourself and don’t worry about others expectations

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines?
Being able to meet new people through zines and comics. Yea!


Check out more from Jen Tong and Jon Vermilyea on their websites!

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