Get to Know Your Zinester: Egoheads Collective

Doran Walot

Describe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
We’re a fledgling collective, so you’ll find text zines, photo zines, and some comics. My personal contributions to the Egoheads table are photo zines, basically small projects that I set out for myself with some sort of limitations so that it feels like a feasible goal to complete (for example, a large-format cyanotype project called “Blockage”), and text zines, including collections of humorous copy I’ve written (“Peggy Olson”) and some pop-cultural ephemera (with a focus on teen-centric media). We are still experimenting with a number of different projects that we hope to have done by the time Zine Fest starts, so we might have some fun swag.

Where do you work on your zines?
I grew up in Orange County and went to school in western Massachusetts, but I moved to Brooklyn this past summer. I have a workspace (“the evidence locker”) in my apartment where I do a lot of assembling, but I’m still looking for my dream copy shop here. “Blockage,” my first real photo zine, was assembled somewhere between my bedroom, the Evidence Locker, about 8 different indie copy shops, a half-dozen Kinkos, and 4 Staples locations. If anyone knows of the best deal in Brooklyn or Manhattan in terms of friendly staff, affordable prices, late or weekend hours, and a good self-service station, I’d be pretty happy to hear about it. But Egoheads as a collective currently represents New York, California (both LA-area and Oakland), and Massachusetts.

What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Excluding the comics that Egoheads co-founder Ellen Addison makes that hopefully will be at our booth at Zine Fest and are my personal favorite zines ever:

Slice Harvester: I really gravitate to lists and rankings, but mostly I respond to the idea of coming up with a seemingly insurmountable project (tasting every slice of pizza in Manhattan, in this case) and then actually following through. If anyone you know moves to NY, this makes an excellent introductory gift- just for giving a portrait of the city in a way that feels accessible to newcomers. Plus, you know, pizza. If you are out there, Slice Harvester, marry me.

I Love Bad Movies: Mostly I just love “bad movies” and critical media discussions, but I love that the general tone of this zine is about enjoying “low culture” instead of just shitting further on things that already have bad reputations. It’s also just an impressively put-together read.

Lastly, I have to throw out a good photo zine, like Jason John Wurm’s Southern California. Between last year’s LA Zine Fest and events like CCNY’s Photo Book Fair, the 8-Ball Zine Fest, and the NY Art Book Fair, I’ve gotten to look at and purchase a lot of rad photo books and zines in the last year, and Jason John Wurm’s stuff is something I always pick up and read even though I have it at home. A good $10 self-assembled photo zine can be as worthy of multiple inspections as a major-publisher photo book without a lot of the bullshit, and his work is pretty consistent.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines?
When I finished my undergrad thesis photo project and graduated, I felt totally affirmed in terms of my desire to be making stuff but without the structure of school I just sort of stopped making anything for almost two full years. I think getting “serious” about zines has just given me a structure to be creative within, which has been infinitely more satisfying than I could’ve hoped.

Check out Doran’s work here and learn more about Egoheads Collective on their Etsy!

One thought on “Get to Know Your Zinester: Egoheads Collective

  1. Whoa, thank you! We’re glad I Love Bad Movies has been reaching the right folks. Ms. Valerie Park Distro will have all of our issues at the LAZF on Feb. 17th — stop by and say hello, they’re good people!

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