Get to Know Your Zinester: Daisy Noemi

Daisy Noemi
Daisy Noemi

Describe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
My zine style is very real-life stuff. Like, exposing everything that goes on in our brains and hearts real-life stuff. With that being said, you can find some left over zines of my “I’ll [kind of] Miss You” series which is based on sketches and illustrations from my sketch book. I will also have two photo zines full of documentary type and still life images. Lastly, I will have originals of my lovely whimsical watercolor women illustrations for sale. All in all, good stuff. I promise.

Where do you work on your zines?
I work on my zines at home. Sometimes crouched over my desk. Sometimes half-laying, half crouching on my bed while my cat helps me take breaks by forcibly laying herself all over my work.


What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Oh man, I really love Jeffrey Brown and Meredith Gran, from Octopus Pie. Don’t know if these qualify for small-press anymore though due to their popularity increase in the past few years.

What advice would you give to a first-time zinester or to an aspiring zinemaker?
Just.Do.It. Believe in yourself and your work whilst doing so and everything else will fall into place.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines? 
The best thing would have to be meeting people that are a part of this incredible community of art making. I am so stoked to be part of a group that encourages and supports one another instead of trying to bring you down. I mean, eff the man! Right?!?

Get to know more about Daisy Noemi over here!!

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