Skylight Books needs (zine) donations!

Skylight Books' Zine Annex by Cory Doctorow

It’s no secret that Skylight Books is a haven for zinemakers, whether they are on the lookout  for new reading material or consigning their work.  The bookstore’s customers are interested in just about everything in the bookstore’s dedicated zine annex.  Zines have even graced the store’s best-seller lists!  In order to keep up with that demand, Skylight relies on donations from zinemakers to bulk up the collection.  “I always just ask for scraps– finished zines are great, but not necessary,” says Skylight’s Jenn Witte, zine overseer.  What do you, the donor, get out of it? “Donating is good self-promotion…and proceeds help keep our zine section in the green.”  It’s a classic win-win situation, no?

So instead of tossing out that zine you never quite finished, or the dozens whose covers came out weird, why not just contact Jenn ( and let her know you’ve got some donations?


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