Get to Know Your Zinester: Maranda Elizabeth / Telegram

permissiontobeweirdDescribe your zine style. What can we expect to find at your table?
I write ridiculously personal and honest stories about mental health, self-care, genderqueerosity & pronouns, support, un/learning stuff, finding & making a home, getting sober, and writing & creativity. My zines are quarter-sized, cut & paste, text-heavy. I’ve been making my zine, Telegram, for about a decade, and just released an anthology with Mend My Dress Press titled, Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues. I also write a fiction zine called Edith, and a 24-hour zine called Little Acorns. I’ll have a bunch of zines with me as well as my new book.

Where do you work on your zines?
On my bedroom floor, in cafés and libraries, in the well-loved notebooks I keep in my backpack…


What are your three favorite small-press/DIY publications?
Right now, I’m really into all the zine anthologies Mend My Dress Press has been publishing, and everything carried by Fight Boredom Distro.

What advice would you give to a first-time zinester or to an aspiring zinemaker?
Write the kinda stuff you wanna read. Write the kinda stuff you wish you had found when you were younger. Don’t be intimidated by people who’ve been making zines longer than you. Don’t try to emulate somebody else’s style: be more like yourself, not somebody else. Learn how to make double-sided copies and don’t forget to watch your margins. Be open to kind critique. Don’t expect to get famous, or to make money. Keep on writing even if it feels like nobody cares.

marandaphotobooth2What’s the best thing that ever happened to you because of zines?
Learning critical-thinking skills, learning how to be honest and write well, meeting wonderful people through snail mail & zinefests, finding magical friendships, having the guts to share my stories, encouraging others to tell their stories, learning the value of my own experiences, and knowing that DIY self-expression saves lives.

Find out more about Maranda Elizabeth/Telegram over here!

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