Fear and Loathing in the IE

Last Saturday, I made the journey out to the I.E. in search of a Zine Fest. It was overcast and rain was imminent, so I was looking forward to the cozy coffee shop vibes that awaited me in Redlands. I have many friends who make music and art who originated or still live in this midpoint between L.A. and Palm Springs, but I was yet to check out the pen and ink culture that exists here.

The flyer for this year’s event was really great, a Hunter S. Thompson interpretation
by artist Aaron Crawford.


When I first arrived, the alleyway beside Augie’s that contained the day’s event reminded me of what I hope Berlin or London will be like when I someday make my way to Europe.

I met new people and familiar faces, all excited to share their work. Some traveled far, others were
local writers and illustrators.

Down the street is the beautiful local comic store called Comic Quest (a.k.a A Shop Called Quest).
Thanks to IE Zine Fest organizer, Ray (who works at the shop), for sending me over there!

See ALL of my photos from IE Zine Fest Here.

 If you’ve never had the chance to visit or table there, make sure to check it out next year!

One thought on “Fear and Loathing in the IE

  1. Just a heads up Ray doesn’t run the local comic shop, it is ran by Lee Raymundo. Also I think you have it’s name wrong I believe it’s call a shop called quest or that’s what his Facebook page states.

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