Comix Jam Interview and Opening Night Recap!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the opening night of Comix Jam @ For Your Art this past Tuesday night. It was packed with people drawing, screenprinting and nobody wanted to go home! Here’s to more collaborative events, new friendships and celebrating the creative spirit in all of us (even for left handed peeps like me with chicken scratch doodle skills). I sat down with Champoy, organizer of the Comix Jam, to find out more about the event.

There’s still time to participate – so read on!


Hi Champ! Mind telling us a little bit about the concept of this event?

The concept is something that many comics artists have done before, especially amongst other artists and friends – its a collaborative activity that may be reminiscent of the exquisite corpse idea. In this case, artists get to see what is drawn on previous comic panels, then add something new to a blank panel. There will be several artists who “instigate” the jam by drawing on the first panel, and then anyone else who wants to participate can continue the next panel and on and on until the whole page is filled.

What inspired you to start hosting these in Los Angeles?

What really inspired me was the creative atmosphere that a comix jam creates, especially when  people ‘jamming’  are getting to know each. Plus, comics and doodling has always been something a lot of us used to do as kids, yet somehow when we get old, we forget the joys and consolation these activities bring to us. We’ll be tapping back into those outlets and energies collectively.

I used to just host comix jams at my house with a bunch of artist friends – mostly dudes at first, but we wanted to involve more people and meet more people, especially girls…so i tried hosting one in an art space, and it turned out really successful! This comix jam will be the biggest yet since we’re trying to bring as  many different artists and people together as we can, I proposed the concept to the people at For Your Art and they really dug the idea and was really very supportive in helping make this happen, even showing interest to self-publish the finished book, so I’d have to say that part of it was that too.


Do you have to consider yourself an artist to participate?

The event is open for public so its not necessarily exclusive to just artists.  I think as long as you are willing to collaborate and sit there around others and contribute to the jam, it should be OK.

What can people expect when they arrive at the comix jam?

Fun and some good times. Free drinks..snacks…LA Zinefest….i mean you guys will be doing some screenprinting on opening and closing night, so we are encouraging people to bring light colored shirts or bags that they want to be printed on. Theres also an awesome Digital Drawing Installation by Dave Aguilar of Drawing Party who created this app where people can draw on the same link address at the same time from different sources. Its kind of really techy stuff and i still dont completely get how it works but i think this has a lot of potential to be something that can be great in collaborating with people from anywhere in the world.

Theres also the music night on Friday curated by the guys that used to run HomeRoom with music from Veterans Of Future Wars and Kevin Greenspon. So you can come that night and draw comix while chilling to music! Closing night is sort of a little variety show going on with A Book A Week doing some kind of presentations and videos as well as a showing of Keenan Kellers’ Galactic Breakdown that i always feel steals the show!

Comix Jam continues through Friday from 11am-5pm and Saturday 7-10pm with special events on:

 Friday, November 16th at 7pm:Live music curated by HOME ROOM
featuring the musical sounds of
DJ sets from Molly & Michael of KXLU

Saturday, November 17th at 7pm:
JT Steiny & A.B.A.W. (A Book A Week) Variety Show


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