Las Fotos Project

Las Fotos Project is a non-profit photography program that pairs young Latinas with mentors, gives them access to photography training, and assigns them projects to complete using the skills they’ve learned.  The goal of the program is not only to empower the participants and build self-confidence as they see their abilities grow, but also to encourage creativity and artistic expression.

As if that weren’t newsworthy already, these ladies made this amazing experimental photography zine and shared some snippets with us.   You can buy a copy here, but we hope they’ll get these zines into local stores too!

In the summer of 2012, Las Fotos Project, in partnership with Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC), facilitated an intensive 5-day experimental photography program with eleven girls from Koreatown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Participants, girls ages 14-18, learned about alternative processing techniques, combination printing, extreme exposures, and unusual filters…

Students used digital, 35mm film, Polaroid and experimental cameras such as fisheye lenses and multiple lens cameras to document the Koreatown community and their lives in their respective neighborhoods.

They explored concepts such as self-perception, emotion, and identity while creating collages and art pieces which reflected these themes.

The group worked together to create a zine which showcases their photographs and mixed media collages. They also explored creative writing techniques which helped them to create poems and short stories for their work.


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