Print Fest is coming!!

I really love that poster.

“The Riverside DIY Printfest is gonna be all up in your business with some fantastical zines, readings and radicalness.  This is a FREE, all ages event, so you have no excuse not to join in the shenanigans,” say organizers Angela, Annie, Alicia, and Elliot. 

Presenters like She’s Not A Morning PersonQueer Youth Visibility ProjectOMG Cow: A Comic Diary, HowdiedoodieCutie, No Girls Allowed Records, Powers of Jen,, Double FurZineworks (representing the queer zine scene), Bitch KingBlood Orange Infoshop Distro, Nik ManikatosMammal Chupie, and Plastic Water are confirmed, with more to come!

There will also be a display of original zines from Raymond Pettibon–Tripping Corpse #2 and #3, Freud’s Universe, Virgin Fears,  Capricious Missives, A New Wave of Violence, My Struggle for Life After Death, Other Christs, Asbestos, Captive Chains.

KUCR will be doing live screenprinting, and there will be a massive zine workshop by Zineworks, plus live readings!  (See Print Fest’s Facebook page for information on being a part of their live readings.)

Over at Double Fur Press, Victor and RDPF organizer Elliot make a convincing argument for attending.

This is the third year the print fest is happening and it’s a really cool to see something like this, especially in the Inland area. The past couple years we’ve met people from all over Southern California, and also ran into some people at L.A. Zine Fest that we met at last year’s Riverside Print Fest. I’m looking forward in seeing stuff from Queer Youth Visibility Project and No Girls Allowed Records, and readings from Sylvia (The Doktor is In) and Angela Chaos (Bitch King). We’re just happy to be a part of another nexus of creative people who are into zines and print art.

For more info or to see presenter profiles, go to


Riverside DIY Print Fest
Blood Orange Infoshop
Basement of the Life Arts Buidling
3485 University Avenue
Riverside CA 92501


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