Kill your babies: DUM DUM Zine’s Free/Write/Shop

TOMORROW night at Home Room is  DUM DUM Zine‘s first Free/Write/Shop workshop.  According to the invitation, the only requirement is that you bring a piece of your old work or an inspiring object to contribute to the communal inspiration pot.  The night’s theme is KILL YR BABIES: “Kill your best work so you can create new work. Bring your favorite stories, sentences, scenes, paragraphs, and illustrations–cut them up and we’ll use the pieces to create new ones.  We’ll supply the scissors.”

While the workshop is called Free/Write/Shop, it’s by no means intended for writers only!  Quite the opposite–participants are encouraged to draw, sew, and craft in response to or on the topic of writing.

Why should you come to Free/Write/Shop? What should you expect? Let’s hear it straight from the evening’s hosts, Taleen Kalenderian and Liska Jacobs, both editors at DUM DUM Zine.

Taleen: There are music nights, art nights and craft nights all over L.A.  For writers, the setting is so instructive and it usually means you have to drop a couple hundred dollars to participate.  Sometimes we just need a reason to write outside of ourselves, and it becomes increasingly difficult in a time where everyone has a voice–to self-publish, to make zines, to blog.  Writers lose the physicality of instant response, of riffing off one another.  I’m hoping FWS will be the facilitator for us to regain that vibe, and also to prompt ourselves and interact with other mediums that inspire our craft.

Liska: I was sitting around waiting for life to inspire me to write new work. I realized years can slip by that way. Free/Write/Shop is, for me, a way to deconstruct the writing workshop, to bring back the exploration and curiosity that tends to produce new and exciting work.

We’ll see you there! Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook.

April 25, 8pm
Home Room
3121 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057


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