Ready the turntable: it’s Record Store Day!

Saturday is Record Store Day: a day of special album releases, of brightly colored albums and sales on vinyl in independent record stores across the globe.

In L.A.,  Permanent Records is having a midnight sale on Friday night, followed by live performances by Wounded Lion, The Skabbs, and Merx in-store on Saturday evening; Origami Vinyl is having a big ol’ to-do with eight bands, DJs, and tote bags (!!!) for the first 300 customers; Vacation Records will have a ridiculous amount of special releases; Wombleton Records is having a two-day unveiling of  non-RSD related, “hot-off-the-plane” records from the nooks and crannies of Europe and the U.S.; The Last Bookstore’s record shop is offering 30% off all vinyl in the store and DJ sets throughout the day.  Just get some rollerblades and hit them all.

What’s this??

The Pitchfork list of releases for the day turned me on to this sparkling gem of a record.  Behold,  the Smuggler’s Way flexzine, whose pages contain a mixture of writing, art, and five flexi discs with songs from the likes of The Dirty Projectors and Cass McCombs!   Some tracks and info on the zine are available here, but really, isn’t that picture all the information you need?

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