Sparkplug Comics needs your help!

While working at Meltdown Comics a year and a half ago, I found myself squirreling away a copy of everything new from Portland-based Sparkplug Comics. You could find me devouring their comics while things were slow at the register, or putting down my hard-earned cash for a copy I could call my own.  So when I saw Sparkplug’s application to table at this past LA Zine Fest, I already knew Zine Fest was gonna rule!

If you’re not familiar with Sparkplug, now’s your chance. Sparkplug has 30 days left to reach their goal of $11,800 on Indiegogo and they are almost halfway there! They’ll be using the money to fund the three final publishing projects that Sparkplug founder, Dylan Williams, worked on before he passed from cancer in September 2011: Nurse Nurse, by Katie Skelly, Reich, a series by Elijah Brubaker, and The Golem of Gabirol by Olga Volozova. Depending on your level of contribution, you can choose to receive all three (and then some!) when they are published. And I betcha a million bucks, it’s worth it.

Check out their Indiegogo & contribute today!


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