Hunting & Gathering

Dinosaurs and Cavemen

We desire your input! We’re gathering information for our upcoming Resources page, and in addition to providing a list of places to get zines, we’d like to include some online resources where people can hone their folding skills and experiment with different zine formats.  So we ask you….

Where are your favorite free, downloadable zines?  Some of my current faves are El Skate Uruguayo Me Dio Todo from the Double Fur Press website and Tap Water from The Small Science Collective, whose amazing mission is to make science fun and accessible through zines. (They also have one on fruit flies. Know thine enemy, I say.)

And while we’re on the topic, where can a gal get a good template and some folding directions? Are there any sites out there that are better (or better looking) than the classic WikiBooks page?

Thanks for the help!


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