A Book A Week

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

video via BrainPickings.org

Ira Glass says, “Do a lot of work.”  Lil’ Wayne said, “Repetition is the father of learning.”  These soundbites are great and often helpful for the frustrated artist, but it’s also nice to see them in action.

Through my friend Simon‘s involvement with them, I heard about  a group called A Book A Week.  As you might think, their goal is to make a book in a week, then to present their books to each other by reading them aloud.

It seemed insane to try and make a book in one week, but that’s probably because, in characteristic form, I was imagining that it was a book that had to be done “the right way”–by dragging it out for months, looking at it for too long, eventually hating it and giving up.  Then I read their concise self-description:

A book can be anything. Anything more than a page unless you can convince us otherwise. It may not even be made of paper. A car is a book and the people in it are the pages. JUST MAKE SOMETHING.

Just make something! I ended up having a really good excuse not to join their group or take up the cause on my own, but the words have stayed with me and helped more often than not.


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