The Denver Zine Library has a pretty awesome Indie-gogo campaign

The Denver Zine Library (DZL) first opened its doors on December 5, 2003 thanks to the hard work of some dedicated volunteers. Since then, the DZL has moved locations a few times and is now housed in the incredible 27 Social Centre. We are an all-volunteer run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit lending library with over 10,000 donated and cataloged zines on our shelves! We’ve been grateful for the amazing support over the years from zinesters, community members and rad touring folks who have come through and really promoted the power and importance of zines. Read more about the DZL’s history!..

The DZL is asking for your financial support to maintain and expand what we can offer our community, both in the Denver area as well as the zine community at large. Sponsor a zine workshop (at community centers, libraries and classrooms) for $50. Cover the cost of one month’s rent for $100. Help us raise at least $500 towards the planning of the next Denver Zine Fest! Spread the word to your friends and pen pals!

They’ve already exceeded their financial goal, but we know that those Zine Fest expenses can really rack up. Still not convinced about donating? Let Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad, Anna Anti-Palindrome, and Kristy Fenton (Drippy Bone Books; former DZL Librarian) change your mind.

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