Chicago Zine Fest and ZINE LOVE

Two of our organizers, Meredith and Eryca, are lucky enough to be attending the Chicago Zine Fest at this very moment. The remaining organizers are pretty jealous, but we’re looking forward to living vicariously through pictures and “borrowing” the zines they bring back!

Thankfully, you don’t have to be where the action is to stay informed about what’s going on in the zine sphere. Daniela Capistrano’s ZINE LOVE feed on Facebook has certainly made it a lot easy to keep up on what’s new. Updates from the POC Zine Project, Portland Zine Symposium, and a new favorite, Original Plumbing Magazine–all on one page! Don’t miss Original Plumbing’s great interview with The Miracle Bookmobile about creating a transgender archive, the way books can bring us together, and the role of technology in the life and growth of the Bookmobile.

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