The Fly Away Zine Mobile

On the topic of zine libraries, look at this beauteous vehicle. Behold, the Fly Away Zine Mobile!

The Fly Away Zine Mobile is a free lending library, self-publishing skill-sharer, and mini reading room in a van that travels around the country. Focused on zines (pronounced “zeens” and meaning self-made, self-published, small circulation magazines) and other forms of DIY publishing, the zine mobile is part of Connecting the Dots, an emerging mobile caravan that seeks to center values like cooperationlovesharinggenerosity, and community-building through freefun, and active schooling and unschooling. The Zine Mobile is also a sister project to the Zine Apothecary, a garage-based zine library in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a significant part of the library’s founding collection was donated by ZA!

We organize/support events around literacy and self-publishing (like zine readings and skill-shares) and have regular open van/library hours. We also visit people unable to leave where they are. Please get in touch if you’re interested in a visit and/or co-organizing something!

Among the core zine librarians are Jenna Freedman, of the Barnard Library Zine Collection, and Debbie Rasmussen, former publisher of Bitch Magazine.  There are, however, many more active participants in the zine mobile and it is obvious from reading the blog that this undertaking depends on the collaboration of many different people in a variety of places (though none from California).

The Fly Away Zine Mobile‘s last posted appearance (via Twitter) was in Oakland back in December, but hopefully they’ll jump back into activity soon!


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