Zineage Kicks wants your teen zines

High School Photographs

Maybe you’ve been saving them under your bed, secretly believing that one day they’ll be worth money; maybe they’re already priceless to you and you show them off proudly at any opportunity because they are awesome. Whatever you’ve been doing with the zines you made in your youth, Zineage Kicks wants to immortalize them and the stories of how they were made.  This is such a great idea, we’re sorry we didn’t think of it ourselves!

From their site:

We want your teenage zines!

No matter how embarrassing, it doesn’t matter: at some stage, everyone’s called a band the bastard lovechild of X and Y on acid, lovingly photocopied a 50-page volume all about the object of their affection, musical or otherwise, or started their own newspaper to make their small, rural village feel livelier. Or y’know, maybe you ran a really cool, influential ahead of its time zine. In which case, we kind of hate you, but would love to see it all the same.

Inspired by My Band T-ShirtLetters Of Note, and The Guardian’s My Favourite Albumseries, this blog will collect your zines and the stories behind them. If you want to take part, send jpegs or PDFs of your zine, and a few paragraphs about its conception and raison d’etre to laurasnapes at gmail dot com.

Thanks to Peter Robinson for the name.


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