Getting To Know Your Local Zinester: Brass Tacks Press

(Pablo from Brass Tacks Press gave us a nice multimedia response in order to get to know him and his Press a little bit better.)

Pablo says, “[‘Thirty Days On Spring’ is] first-hand account by a squatter (downtown poet laureate Richard McDowell) who was actually living in The Last Bookstore building in the early 2000s, before gentrification started… ”

Here’s an excerpt:

“From ‘On Any Given Day’

On any given day on a walk down Spring someone takes a shit, someone pees, someone’s shooting heroin, while his neighbor’s smoking crack. On any given day someone picks a parking meter, someone’s two-man tent pops up in an empty parking lot, a cardboard box, a shopping cart, someone’s digging through the trash like a smorgasbord, an all-you-can-eat buffet….

On any given day thirty felons are released into these streets, and some say Spring means “sprung” from jail. And I once heard a felon say, “I love it here, man, but if you could just buy me bus fare I’d get the fuck out of here,” back to Baltimore were he’s from. I could put it on my credit card, he didn’t seem to care. And if I was so inclined, I suppose I could go with him to the Greyhound station. I could see him off and wish him well and turn around two days later and see him on the corner. He’s in a suit and tie.”

Watch a video of the zine here! 

Here’s some backstory on the zine from an interview on Mephisto 97.6FM from Leipzig, Germany

And here’s a video of a books of YouTube comments that Pablo will be selling. (Music by Dicso Bunny)


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