Two-two-two times the fun! : Today’s L.A. Zine Week events

We’re very excited that The Last Bookstore is going to start carrying zines.  In fact, we are so excited, we are rolling out the welcome wagon! Join the LAZF organizers in welcoming the zine section to the store Thursday, Feb. 9 during ArtWalk! This means that besides the LAZF, there will be coffee from the new DBA Pour Over Bar in the store and all the regular ArtWalk madness, like food trucks and free wine and cheese somewhere.

The L.A. Zine Fest organizers will be passing out flyers and postcards, and may have candy!

If ArtWalks aren’t your thing, consider dropping by the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, where Daryl Gussin and Rebecca Inducil are teaching you how to make a zine for FREE! This workshop will take you through not only the mechanics of assembly but also help you develop content to fill your beautiful zine pages.


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