Getting To Know Your Local Zinester: Andy Ristaino

Andy Ristaino
creator of Tunnel, Corperation Earth Needs Your Help, The Babysitter, Escape From Dullsville, and Skronked

What was your first zine about and when was it made?
My first official zine was called “Nightblade the Nearsighted Ninja” self published in 1995. It was basically a comic I had been working on in my spare time.

Describe your most recent zine.
I recently completed a zine which is a collection of drawings of people from the future that I drew on the bus on the way to work. The title pretty much describes it: “one hundred and forty people from the future, twelve cavemen, one old-timey muscle man, nine beach bums, five pirates, a dog, and a monster.”

Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite?
I’m pretty excited about my most recent one.

What do you do when you’re not creating and how does it help or harm what you do artistically?
I draw all day while working for Cartoon Network, when I leave work I try to do some more when I get home. Working all the time has resulted in some back and hand problems, but that’s alright, when I’m not creating something that usually means I’m feeling depressed. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my free time learning the banjo ukelele, and working on a mural for at Origami Vinyl.


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