Getting To Know Your Local Zinester: Sean Solomon of No Girls Allowed Records

Sean Solomon

No Girls Allowed Records

What was your first zine about and when was it made?
I wrote my first zine my senior year of high school. It was called “Eraser” and it was mostly comics I had written. I gave them out to teachers and friends. I eventually was called in to the dean’s office because they thought I was going to kill myself. Apparently my comics were too dark. I thought they were funny! If you knew me, you’d know that they obviously just didn’t understand my humor. It was pretty devastating as a kid to be told your comics make you seem suicidal. I was bummed about it. I almost killed myself.
Describe your most recent zine. 
No Girls Allowed recently released a zine called “I’m Here” by comedian, musician, actress, and heartthrob; Charlyne Yi. Her zine was mostly comics about sad things too. There was some funny stuff in there…I think.
What do you do when you’re not creating and how does it help or harm what you do artistically?

I go to art school, and when I’m not doing that I’m playing in bands. I guess when I’m not creating, I’m eating, sleeping, or on the computer wasting time. I think the eating and sleeping thing helps.

Name three of your influences and how they affected your work. 

Nirvana- Isn’t it obvious?
Jeffery Brown- He makes it ok to be sad.
Jim Smith (of the Smell)- He was the one who told me I could start a record label. What a cool dude.

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