***Getting To Know Your Local Zinesters Super Bonus Edition: Guest Post***

The two gents over at Double Fur Press are very near and dear to the heart of this zinester.  They were there when I presented my first zine at APE in San Francisco, and they let me share a table with their vast output of literary zines, zines about riding trains, travel zines, and collaborative zines that feature innocuous cartoons alongside jarring photographs (more on that later).

Think of it as a combination mini-zine and teaser.  Soak it up and get excited to visit their table!


This is a previous unpublished short story from Double Fur. You’re seeing it first! 

About 20 years ago, my uncle’s driving to get some food but there’s a fucking railroad crossing. Those bars came down, a bunch of cars are waiting, and the train’s still kinda far. He goes around all the cars, and floors it to race the train before the restaurant closes. But the train clips him, and he spins around a few times in his own debris. Fuck this; he peels outta there. The cops find his bumper and license plate stuck in some bushes. When the judge asks him why he did that, he says, I was just really hungry, and everyone in the courtroom’s laughing.

This is a story that an LAZF organizer wrote in an email to Elliot and Victor where she tried to entice them to do a guest post. 
“So, I did a zinemaking workshop a few weeks ago in East L.A. [Ed. note: Seite Books Workshop]. Some kids who were being babysat by the bookstore owners that day bellied up to the table and got into it.  They were doing a really great job–one little boy was cutting out animal heads and people bodies and gluing them together hilariously–and so I was shuffling through the zines to look for fun examples of stuff that would inspire them.  As I’m looking through the zines, the little girl, who is 9, asks me if I’ve seen The Hangover.  And I looked at her, totally shocked, and said, “Yes, but why have you?” She proceeded to tell me it was her favorite movie, that her favorite part was when the baby wore sunglasses, and that she wanted to see the second one.  I guess my horror at the failure of her parents to parent helped me find what I was looking for–the Everybody Poops drawing in “Sorry Officer…” I showed them this innocent, scatological drawing and they giggled and kept making their zines.
A little while later, I hear the girl from behind me.  She says, “What’s this?” I turn around and what is it but GOATSE. I had forgotten that the last page of your zine is a man spreading his butthole wider than a grapefruit. So, like a quick-thinking genius, I said, “That’s nothing. He’s sick. That will never happen to you so don’t worry,” and then I ripped it out of her hand and shoved it in my purse.”
Double Fur Press enjoys reading stuff like Bitch King, Drunken Master, Shit Eatin Grin, Tight Pants, Work Stories (Stay Gold Press), and Black Circle Press. Shouts out to Anarcho Pups Press, Zineworks and RE/Search Pubs!

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