Getting To Know Your Local Zinester: Daisy Noemi

Daisy Noemi

What was your first zine about and when was it made? 
I made my first zine last year – I’ll [kind of] Miss You.  It is about leaving San Diego after living there for 10 years.  I went through major emotional and mental transitions that were documented with drawings in my sketchbook [in either pen and/or watercolor] and written about in my journal.  I hesitated handing out my zine a bit because it’s incredibly personal, but I thought fuck it. We are all emotional and mental beings that have gone through something similar, you know?  Why not share what I’m going through since all of us strive for human connectivity anyway.
Describe your most recent zine. 
My most recent zine is #2 in my I’ll [kind of] Miss You series.  Most sketches have been done this year and are definitely “lighter” but still touch on feelings of self-doubt, courage, happiness and love. I also want to do a mini photo-zine. We’ll see though. Stay tuned for that one.
Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite? 
My most recent and largest water color painting of a woman on card board is definitely my favorite piece so far.  I love seeing all the layers of shapes I incorporated into her silhouette.  For me, I feel it reflects our multi-layered personas we tend to hide for whatever reason [fear, shyness, awkwardness]. We forget we must relish on our own individuality and share our amazing selves with all the amazing people that surround us.

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