Zine Fest Presenter Edward Parker Wynne-Candy alerted us to the Echo Park Film Center‘s tenth anniversary celebration at the Downtown Independent.  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11 is the premiere of “City Of Angels 2011: AN EPFC Youth Film Project” at the DI and our friend Edward says, “One of the short documentaries here is on me, small press comics, and the Obscuro Art movement.”

The films run from 6:30pm-10:30pm at the Downtown Independent at 251 S. Main St. 90013 (map)

2 thoughts on “

  1. Goodness, I made the blog again! I’m only a five minute short, and the Obscuro Art Movement may not have made the final cut. But of course, EPFC is worth supporting, and it’s free, and there will be piles of free cookies.`

    1. You keep telling us about all these good things to go to. it would be pretty awful of us to keep them to ourselves! Plus, the Echo Park Film Center is pretty excellent and the Downtown Independent is so very worth supporting.

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