You’re history

Did you know that in the 1930s, zines in L.A. were mostly about science fiction? Here’s a brief blurb on it.  But the real zine explosion occurred concurrently with the rising popularity of punk. Which brings us to…

Stories in Echo Park is a stop on Alice Bag’s tour to promote her new book, Violence Girl.  Bag’s influence on and importance to the 1970s punk scene is undeniably—even Henry Rollins tips his hat, saying, “She was at shows you could only wish you had seen. She was there at the start of a musical revolution that not only changed the L.A. music scene forever but was an extremely influential part of the spread of punk and independent music all over America.”

As the book trailer suggests, Bag is also historically notable as an example of the lively East L.A. punk music scene–less talked about than Hollywood’s but equally as vibrant and raucous. Just watching this video makes me wish I could go back in a time machine and see this Portland, Oregon show from 1984.  Also, I’m really curious to see what Portland was like in the 80s….

Alice Bag reading Violence Girl

Sunday, Dec. 11, 7:30 p.m

Stories Books & Cafe

1716 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, 90026

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