Weekends past and future

Last weekend: Okay, so it was a little damp, but we set up shop at the Long Beach Patchwork anyway.  We pressed the flesh, spread some zine magic over the land, and then swooped in like adorable vultures on the $1 pastry sale at the end of the day. Overall, a rousing success!  Then, we high-tailed it to Lincoln Heights for Heart On at the Airliner (thanks for inviting us!), where we lasted about an hour before our button-maker busted.

This coming weekend: Saturday is our Zinemaking 101 workshop at Seite Books. We’ll have our button-maker un-busted by then, in addition to a vast array or zine-making supplies and some cool jams in the background.  Sunday, we’ll be at Patchwork again, but this time, in Culver City, down by the Helms Bakery.  This new location will probably lead to more Trader Joe’s runs.  The fair is from 11 to 5–that’s a lot of time for you to stop by and browse.  I recommend buying some jam from Delilah’s booth–we sampled some Basil Jelly last weekend and it BLEW. OUR. MINDS.



(image courtesy of Yvonne Yao)


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