Happy Halloween!
First of all, if you haven’t seen our new poster by now you must be blindfolded because we have posted this beauty everywhere.  I personally put up a print out in the women’s restroom at the train station.

The website has had some updates, too. Perhaps you’ve noticed the upper right-hand corner of the site, which now tells you where the LAZF will be and what we’ll be doing when we get there.  It’s a good way to find out about fun stuff and an opportunity to talk to fellow zine lovers.  We have also added current presenters to the 2012 Exhibitors section.   We’ll be adding more people soon, so check back often!

Also, we received a great write-up of late-night eateries in L.A. for our L.A. Zine, and it reminded us to remind you that we want your submissions!  We are crowdsourcing all the very best parts of L.A. and stuffing them into a little zine, so send us your best picnic spots, your favorite places to get a $3 beer, and your top five most awesome haunted empty lots. Those last two are just dream submissions, so if those were your ideas, PLEASE send them in.

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