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We’ve already posted about Libros Schmibros’ residency at the Hammer Museum on our Facebook, but I had to devote a little digital ink to the shop because I saw it today and it is so glorious!  (We’re not just saying that because one of our organizers is a volunteer.)

The Hammer pop-up is more than just a well-curated book selection, it’s events like a discussion with L.A.-area cartographers and a discussion with House of Leaves’ Mark Danielewski about Thomas Pynchon’s L.A. (Pynchon was a South Bayer!). The full Libros schedule is available here. The Hammer Museum, which houses Libros until October 9, is FREE  and incredible. With delicious Persian and ice-cream-sandwich-based eating opportunities nearby, you should be seriously grilling yourself as to why you’re not there already.

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Oh, by the way…

keep an eye out for an interview with local zinemakers, Eyeball Burp!   L.A. Zine Fest is going to ask all the tough questions; no secrets are safe.


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