Thank You Copy Donkey!

We’ve been directing people to local, independent photocopy places year after year,
and this Fest is no exception.

Copy Donkey has provided us with a photocopy machine for the next few weeks and is sponsoring our copies of flyers, posters and Fest programming!! We promise not to make too many posters of our faces smushed against the glass.

Check out the 2015 Fest copy machine (what should we name it?) available for use at our L.A. Zine Fest HQ, The Pop-Hop in Highland Park!

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 3.11.47 PM

Responses to applications are going out now!


Potential tablers: thank you immensely for your patience with our application process this year. We know basically everything was happening later than it usually does, and we know that many of you have plane tickets to buy. Responses to applications are coming out NOW and will be going out through Wednesday. By Thursday, EVERY applicant should have received a response. Thanks again for your patience, and your support of the Fest.

Thank you for applying!



Over 350 of you applied for tables at L.A. Zine Fest 2015. You did your work; now we’ve got some to do. We’ll be looking through your apps veeeeery carefully over the coming weeks and we will be responding to everyone as soon as we possibly can. Thanks to everyone who applied, and to those who totally forgot that applications were this week, it’s cool: we hope to see you there, trading your work!

As always, we appreciate everyone’s support of and interest in the Zine Fest, especially this year.

Mark Your Calendars: LAZF 2015 is February 15

Photo by Daisy Noemi

Oh man, the last several months have been a roller coaster. We had a venue, we lost our venue, we looked for a new venue, and now we’ve finally got one and it’s a really, really good space! L.A. Zine Fest 2015 will be taking place on Sunday, February 15 from 11 am to 5 pm in Glassell Park.  As we’d mentioned a little over a week ago, applications will be going up on December 1, so get PUMPED.

LAZF Applications Are Going Up on Dec. 1!!

Thanks so much for your patience as we get this Fest together, everybody. We’re happy and excited to announce that applications will be going up online on *DECEMBER 1*!! Of course, live links will be posted on all out social media, so even if you forget, it’ll be hard to miss–but still. It’ good to know what’s on the way.

More info about the event (dates, times, locations, etc.) will follow shortly!!

A small update about LAZF 2015 dates and registration

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about LA Zine Fest–when it is, how to apply, etc. Thank you!

The date of this year’s Fest and the date when applications will go up have not been announced yet, so don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything!

We’ll have a lot more information about the official Zine Fest date and applications soon, and when we do, we’ll be blasting it on our Facebook, Tumblr, InstagramTwitter, and of course, here at

Thanks for your patience and especially for your interest in LA Zine Fest!

(Note This information also appeared in our most recent newsletter, and on our Facebook, Twitter, social media outlets. So if it looks familiar….)