Mark Your Calendars: LAZF 2015 is February 15

Photo by Daisy Noemi

Oh man, the last several months have been a roller coaster. We had a venue, we lost our venue, we looked for a new venue, and now we’ve finally got one and it’s a really, really good space! L.A. Zine Fest 2015 will be taking place on Sunday, February 15 from 11 am to 5 pm in Glassell Park.  As we’d mentioned a little over a week ago, applications will be going up on December 1, so get PUMPED.

LAZF Applications Are Going Up on Dec. 1!!

Thanks so much for your patience as we get this Fest together, everybody. We’re happy and excited to announce that applications will be going up online on *DECEMBER 1*!! Of course, live links will be posted on all out social media, so even if you forget, it’ll be hard to miss–but still. It’ good to know what’s on the way.

More info about the event (dates, times, locations, etc.) will follow shortly!!

A small update about LAZF 2015 dates and registration

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about LA Zine Fest–when it is, how to apply, etc. Thank you!

The date of this year’s Fest and the date when applications will go up have not been announced yet, so don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything!

We’ll have a lot more information about the official Zine Fest date and applications soon, and when we do, we’ll be blasting it on our Facebook, Tumblr, InstagramTwitter, and of course, here at

Thanks for your patience and especially for your interest in LA Zine Fest!

(Note This information also appeared in our most recent newsletter, and on our Facebook, Twitter, social media outlets. So if it looks familiar….) 


Visit the LA Zine Fest Zine Library During Echo Park Rising

echo chamber

This weekend is the free music festival Echo Park Rising, and the Echo Chamber Creative Headquarters has events AND the LA Zine Fest zine library–usually a traveling library that’s found its first-ever brick-and-mortar home at the artspace. The Echo Chamber will be hosting awesome workshops and will have a window display of animatronic cats during the festival. More information on what’s happening in the Chamber during Echo Park Rising is here. Hope to see you in the library!

May 3: Skylight Books + Razorcake + LAZF Celebrate CA Bookstore Day!

bookstore day small image


Celebrate California Bookstore Day with LA Zine Fest at Skylight Books! The event is free and it’ll be a chance to ask questions of other zinesters in an environment that is specifically for question-asking (so you don’t have to feel shy!) Also, just come by to meet some other zinemakers or check out the ama-ZINE zine selection at Skylight’s Annex. We’ll see you there!

Get to Know Your Keynote Speaker: Jaime Hernandez

 Jaime Hernandez (co-creator of Love & Rockets) in Conversation with Charles Hatfield

Sunday, February 16th at Helms Bakery

5:15 PM – 6:45 PM

Jaime Hernandez is the co-creator of Love & Rockets, Penny Century, and Whoa Nellie, comics that gave comics and graphic novels their edge in the eighties for the first time since the late sixties. Jaime split drawing and writing duties with his brother, Gilbert, and the two explored entirely different sides of Latino culture, Los Angeles music scenes, and human sexuality. The brothers Jaime, Gilbert and Mario self-published the first issue of Love & Rockets, “Maggie the Mechanic,” in 1981, but the comic shot into national attention when they submitted it to The Comic Journal for critique and instead found themselves with a publishing deal with editor Gary Groth’s Fantagraphics Books.

While Gilbert set his Love & Rockets stories in Palomar, a fictional town in Mexico, Jaime set his imagination loose on Hoppers, which is a fictional parallel to the Oxnard barrio where he and his brother grew up. Those storylines center on the Locas, particularly Hopey Glass and Maggie Chascarillo, who are on-again/off-again lovers and friends that navigate death, breakdowns, pregnancy, jobs, and growing old. Love & Rockets published the final, 11th volume in 1996.

Jaime will be in conversation with Charles Hatfield, an Associate Professor of English at California State University, Northridge. Hatfield has been published extensively in academic journal and comic trade publications (including the very same Comics Journal!) about graphic novels and alternative comics. The two will discuss the birth and evolution of the alternative comics genre, discuss Jaime’s prolific body of work, and shoot the shit.

By Travis Barnes of DUM DUM Zine